InDesign: Principles for Organizing Typography

Course Description

Intermediate course involving typographic form and communication, in context to the technological aspects of using Adobe InDesign. Course emphasizes the use of typography as information, applying the principles of hierarchy, organization, and use of grids effectively.

Students work extensively and methodically on the production of various typographic projects in order to refine typographic techniques and build an understanding of legibility and readability. InDesign page layout software is emphasized in this course.

Design Objectives

The purpose of this course is to learn how to work with large amounts of text, respecting both the content and the structure of the page, while refining the art of “setting” type.

  • assign “rules” for typography
  • implement grid systems / typographic systems
  • utilize typographic hierarchy
  • convey relationship of type and image
  • create type as meaning and as image
  • creation and use of experimental type
  • implement finer points of typography
  • refine color skills

Technology Objectives

The purpose of this course is to learn how to work with InDesign and utilize best practices for industry standards.

  • tool palette
  • pages, master pages, pagination (folios)
  • layout and margins
  • importing and setting type
  • importing graphics
  • setting up paragraph and character styles
  • working with multiple page documents
  • use of “invisibles” to check work
  • working with tabular data